Incredible Innovations in Birmingham scaffolding

Man has always been keen to improve his tools to enhance their output and therefore he has used the help of innovation to change the modern era. Similar is the case with scaffolds as innovations have been done and newer types have developed. Birmingham scaffolding is also equipped with these innovations is that its customers have access to the latest equipment available. Some of these innovation have been enunciated below:

1. Baker Staging scaffold:

It is a new type of scaffold in which steel equipment is used which is in the form of parts and can be assembled by simply joining the pieces together just like in a jigsaw puzzle. The important aspect about these scaffolds is that they can be stacked up on each other to attain enormous heights.

2. The Lynch scaffolding system:

It is a newer recent method in which the dangers of erecting the scaffolding poles are removed since it is assembled using a lift and therefore the dangers of dismantling the scaffolding are reduced. It consists of a kit and its hand rails and guards are designed in such a way that they can be inserted into the structure without installing a base support.

3. Pump jack scaffolding system:

It is another type of scaffolding system which is very convenient to install. In this system the scaffold rests on two or more vertical supports which are then used for raising the main platform higher. This is done by pumping the foot pedals which is done by the user according to the height he wants to achieve which is similar in nature to automobile jack. Hence the name pump jack scaffolding system.

4. X-Deck scaffolding system:

It is another scaffolding system which consists of a main platform which is convertible to a ladder. It has adjustable height and can be raised to change the platform from a ladder to a main platform. It is a hybrid scaffolding system.

These innovations are very useful and therefore are utilized by Birmingham Scaffolding system.